Natures Menu Original Puppy Chicken & Turkey Wet Dog Food Cans 12 x 400g

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£20.69 £4.31 per kg
Natures Menu Junior Cans are filled raw and then gently steam cooked to ensure that all the vitamins and minerals are retained within the product and not lost during the cooking process.
Junior is the new name for puppy, Junior is suitable for puppies from 8 weeks of age.

Key Benefits

High real meat content and do not contain meat meals, derivatives, cereals or fillers.
Has added seaweed, spinach and anti-oxidants for growth and well-being.
Chicken and Turkey are superb lean proteins, rich in natural fatty acids and calming amino acids.

On our ingredients list the natural cooking juices and water of the product is labelled as Broth.


Chicken (min 55%), Broth (25%), Turkey (15%), Seaweed (1%), Spinach (1%), Sunflower Oil (1%), Yucca Extract, Green Tea Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Yeast Extract


Crude Protein (12%), Fat Content (8.5%), Crude Ash (2.5%), Crude Fibres (0.3%), Moisture (74%)

Feeding Guide

Approximate cans per day based on body weight (kg)
Toy 1-5 kg: 0.33-1
Small 5-10 kg: 1-1.5
Medium 10-25 kg: 1.5-3
Large 25 kg+: 3+