Oh Cat Hairball Prevention Bowl 16cm


The OH Cat Bowl is a hairball prevention bowl for cats.

Key Benefits

Textured base has teeth that lift and trap fur from cat's tongue before it can be swallowed.

Product Information

The world's first Oral Health Bowl for cats targeting hairballs, bad breath and oral health. Cats spend 50% of their waking hours grooming; whilst making it one of the cleanest animals around, it can cause a real health problem. Hairballs are an unpleasant issue for all cat owners to deal with - currently, the only way to deal with hairballs is to use hairball treatments after they develop, but there is nothing to help prevent hairballs developing. The OH Cat Bowl addresses this serious problem.

The OH Cat Bowl™ is a cat feed bowl with the bonus of daily pet dental care that fits easily into a pet owner's life. With its fine rubber teeth designed to encourage licking after every meal by trapping food particles, any fur on the tongue should be lifted and trapped onto the bowl's teeth before the cat can ingest it. With daily use, this could help reduce or prevent hairballs developing. A welcome option for any cat owner and completely dishwasher safe.

Recommended for

Cats who suffer with hairballs or bad breath issues.

Size Guide

Diameter: 16cm


Made from plastic and rubber.

Care & Use

Dishwasher safe

Safety Advice

If product becomes damaged, please remove from your pet immediately.