Panacur 22% Granules for Cats & Small Dogs 3 per pack

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This is a specialist veterinary product. We will ask you a simple set of questions to confirm that you are buying the correct medicine for your pet and know how to use it safely

Medicinal Category - NFA-VPS

Panacur granules are used in the treatment of gastro-intestinal roundworms and tapeworms and in puppies and kittens with  gastro-intestinal roundworms and puppies infected with protozoa. Panacur granules are also used in pregnant bitches to reduce prenatal infections of Toxocara canis and their transfer to their pups via the milk. Please consult your veterinary surgeon regarding worming protocols for pregnant animals.

Product Information

Detailed information on this veterinary medicine is available in the data sheet here and instructions will be included with the product. If you have questions about the use of this veterinary medicine, please contact us at or speak to your vet. Further information about this veterinary medicine can also be obtained by visiting the Veterinary Medicines Directorate homepage and clicking on the following link to the Product Information Database.

As this is a veterinary medicine our Vet Team may on occasion contact you to ensure that this product is suitable for your pet.

Only a limited amount of this product may be purchased in a single transaction due to veterinary medicines regulatory guidance.

Panacur 22% Granules is a broad-spectrum wormer to treat cats and dogs infected with gastro-intestinal and respiratory worms. 

Store below 25°C, in a dry place and in the original packaging.

Due to regulatory law and safety reasons this product cannot be returned after delivery and is excluded from our returns policy and exempt from the cool-off period.

Active ingredient

Fenbendazole 22.2% w/w


The dose should be administered by mixing into the feed.

Adult dogs and cats:
Administer 100mg fenbenbazole per 1 kg (2.2 lb) bodyweight as a single dose.

Practical dosage recommendations:

  • 1 g sachet /dose - Treats 2kg (4.4lb) bodyweight as a single dose (1.1 - 2.2kg)
  • 1.8 g sachet / dose - Treats 4kg (8.8lb) bodyweight as a single dose (2.2 - 4.4kg)
  • 4.5 g sachet /dose - Treats 10kg (22lb) bodyweight as a single dose (5 - 10kg)

Weaned puppies and kittens (under 6 months of age)
  • 1 g sachet /dose - Treats 4kg (8.8lb) bodyweight (minimum weight 2.2kg) dosed daily for three consecutive days (2.2 - 4.4kg)
  • 1.8 g sachet / dose - Treats 8kg (17.6lb) bodyweight dosed daily for three consecutive days (4.5- 8kg)
  • 4.5 g sachet /dose - Treats 20kg (44lb) bodyweight dosed daily for three consecutive days (10- 20kg)

Safety Advice

  • Wash hands after use.
  • Avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes.
  • Wear gloves if you have any known hypersensitivity to the product
  • Store below 25 degrees and out of direct sunlight.
  • When purchasing a veterinary medicine it is vital that an up to date and accurate weight of the animal is input to ensure your animal receives the correct dose for its weight. Please contact your veterinary surgeon to have your pet weighed if you are unsure.