Pavlov Digital Vibration Anti Bark Collar, Small-Large

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At Company of Animals we believe that when it comes to teaching our dogs, we’re in it together. Developed with experts who really know and understand animal behaviour, our Pavlov 'No Bark' collars combine the latest in digital technology with tried and tested learning techniques, to create more harmonious living between dogs and their owners.  Our shock free collar is safe, simple and effective.  
The Pavlov collar is designed to work automatically. When your dog barks, the collar is set to deliver an interruptive stimulus, either a sound or vibration or both.  This is designed to interrupt your dog's barking and allow you to redirect him to a more positive behaviour. The collar has 3 scaled frequencies, so if your dog continues to bark it adjust the impact to maximise effectiveness . Pavlov is simple to use, with just one button which shows an LED light when switched on. Water resistant for stress free rainy walks, and on a padded collar with 4 prong clasp for optimum comfort and safety, the Pavlov is ideal for all dogs and owners. 
We want to ensure that owners feel supported on their behaviour journey and have benefitted as a result of their purchase. To get the best results from your collar, please visit our Company of Animals website, you will find lots of useful  information, easy to follow user guides and expert tips! 
‘Happy training, harmonious living’.

Key Benefits

Expert Design
Extremely  Effective
Filtered Listening
Comfortable to Wear
Water resistant 
Easy to Use
Long battery life
Simple to use 

Product Information

Expert Design:
Created by behaviour experts  the Pavlov Collar automatically responds to barking.  The 'Anti-Bark' programme is extremely effective & designed to achieve the best possible results.
Extremely  Effective:
The collar automatically adjusts  to the dogs barking, increasing the duration & frequency of the sound.  The collar has 3 scaled  frequencies, which increases its effectiveness.
Filtered Listening:
Smart  technology means the collar is designed to only listen to dog's barking and not other noise.    The microphone is programmed, to only respond to the dog  wearing the collar.
Comfortable 'No Prong' Padded Design:
Available in 2 sizes, to ensure a good fit.  The collar is a smooth (no prong) design & is padded for  comfort, super lightweight and has a secure 4-point buckle.
Water Resistant, Easy to Use & Long Battery Life 3-6 months:
Simple one button control, makes the collar easy to use; you can select either sound or vibration or sound & vibration, to best suit your dog.

Recommended for

Small to Large sized dogs. Not suitable for use on puppies.


For best results and full instructions, you need to follow our essential user guide, which can be found on our website; IMPORTANT: *** You should remove your dogs regular collar when using the Pavlov collar, as the metal tags may interfere with the collar functionality. *** It is important that the collar is fitted tightly, you should be able to get two fingers under the collar when adjusted. It will not be effective if too loose. ***The collar is not designed to have a lead attached. To turn the collar ON: press the multi-function button once: you will hear an escalating sound and the blue light will flash. The collar is now ON and set to SOUND. The collar has 3 settings: sound, vibrate and both. We recommend you start with SOUND - unless your dog is particularly sound sensitive, then you should use VIBRATE. Only consider using BOTH if your dog does not respond. To turn the collar OFF: hold down the multi-function button: you will hear a single beep indicating that the collar has been switched OFF.

Size Guide

Medium-Large: W20mm, 35 - 65cm/14 - 25"
Small-Medium: W15mm, L18 - 40cm/ 7 - 15"



Safety Advice

Not suitable for use on dogs that are barking due to anxiety or distressed when left alone. Do not use on puppies.