Pet Head Dirty Talk Dog Shampoo 475ml

£10.23 £2.15 per 100ml
Pet Head Dirty Talk Shampoo for dogs that like rolling in smelly stuff. This powerful yet gentle formula neutralises odours and does not just cover them up. Pet Head is a premium range of luxury shampoos, conditioners, sprays and wipes for dogs and cats, with fresh and unique fragrances to ensure pets will smell great. The range provides convenient solutions for daily pet challenges such as muddy paws, coat shedding or rolling in unpleasant odours. All Pet Head formulas are manufactured in the USA to human quality standards, but are pH balanced for cats and dogs.

Key Benefits

Yummy Orange scented deodorising shampoo
Baking soda and ordenone deodorise and freshen the coat
Vegetable proteins help build body and elasticity and leave the coat looking fuller and luscious

Recommended for

Great for dogs that love rolling in the smelly stuff