Pet Remedy Calming Pet Pad


For most of us pets are an extension of our family.

Just like us, individual pets react differently to the stresses of everyday life.

Pet Pemedy is a solution to this problem.

A unique and patented formula of low concentration Valerian absolute oil with small inclusions of Vetiver, Basil & Clary Sage essential oils.

Key Benefits

  • 40cm x 47cm (16″ x 18″)
  • Can also be used with the Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heat Pad

Product Information

Luxury padded fur fleece cover

Includes the Pet Remedy 15ml refillable Calming Spray

Recommended for

Ideal for all mammals of all ages


  • To create a naturally calming bed for your pet:
  • Place the fleece pad directly into your pet's bed. 
  • Or ideally, to create a warm and cosy bed for your pet, use the fur fleece with a Pet Remedy Low Voltage Heated Pad (available separately). The cover is designed to fit perfectly
  • Apply the Calming Spray directly to the Fur Fleece daily, or whenever your pet appears stressed or anxious.