Pet Remedy Calming Pre-Wash 300ml

£12.17 £4.06 per 100ml

We know that grooming can be a stressful activity for you and your pet. Using the unique, clinically proven pet remedy blend of essential oils, we have created a three step routine to help reduce stress during bath time.

Key Benefits

pH balanced and formulated using natural ingredients, avoiding parabens and other harsh chemicals.

Product Information

Fast acting pet remedy calming ingredients will help settle your pet in preparation for shampooing.

Effective coconut derived ingredients help de-tangle and lift dirt and oils to start the cleansing process.

Can also be used as a rinse-free, interim wash.

Recommended for

Suitable for all coat types


Before bathing your pet, spray generously and massage into the coat to break down the build up of dirt and natural oils. Continue to wash your pet as usual with Pet Remedy Calming Shampoo.

To use as a rinse-free interim wash: Apply as above and then gently massage with a warm towel.