Pet Remedy Heated Calming Pad

This low voltage heat pad was originally  developed for Petsavers and the BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) as a safe and effective post-operative heat pad for use in veterinary surgeries.

Key Benefits

  •  42cm x 38cm (16.5"x15")
  • Maintains optimum temperature
  • Gently raises core temperature to approx 39C
  • Protective sheath on cable to prevent chewing
  • Cheap to run (Only 15w)
  • Two integral thermostats for added safety
  • Car adapter plug available
  • 12 volts with electronic AC Adaptor
  • Low voltage and safe to leave on constantly

Product Information

Suitable for use in pet beds, whelping and carry baskets.

Recommended for

Ideal for all mammals of all ages


Simply cover with thin pad or towel for your pet's comfort.

A Pet Remedy Calming Pet Pad is available separately and is designed to fit over the heat pad for extra comfort.