Petface Drawstring Cat Litter Liners Medium 10 per pack

Petface Drawstring Cat Litter Liners are the easiest and most convenient way to remove your kitty's waste litter - perfect for hassle free litter changing. Made from tough plastic film, removing soiled litter couldn't be simpler and makes the mess and inconvenience of cleaning your cat litter tray a thing of the past. When the litter needs to go out, simply bag it up using the convenient drawstring and dispose of in your general waste.

Key Benefits

Heavy duty
Hygienic and convenient
Easy tie


1. Place liner in the bottom of clean litter tray.
2. Add fresh litter.
3. To empty tray, gather the four corners of the liner and pull the drawstring to close.
4. Tie off the drawstring and check local waste disposal regulations for guidance on the disposal of used litter.
5. Clean litter tray and surrounding area once a week. Always wash your hands afterwards.

Size Guide

Liner Dimensions: Medium W37 x L75 cm
Pack Size: 10 Liners


Tough plastic film

Safety Advice

WARNING. To avoid suffocation or choking, keep away from young children and animals. Do not flush down the toilet. Not suitable for use with food. Keep litter trays away from food preparation areas.

PREGNANT WOMEN: A parasite sometimes found in cat waste can cause toxoplasmosis. We recommend that you refrain from changing soiled cat litter during pregnancy. Unused litter is not a health risk.