Petface No Mess Dog Poop Bags 100 per pack

£3.22 3p each
Dispose of dog mess quickly and easily with these tie handle 'No Mess' poop bags.

Key Benefits

- A hygienic way to clean up after your dog
- Help keep pets looking and smelling their very best
- Easy to open and detach from the roll
- Complete with handles

Product Information

Petface No Mess Poop Bags are the easy way to help you clean up after your dog when you are out and about. Dog mess can be hazardous and unpleasant to others, so our handy bags will help you dispose of it quickly and easily. Please make sure you wash your hands afterwards to kill any germs.

Size Guide

Pack Size: 100

Safety Advice

To avoid risk of suffocation, keep bags out of reach of pets and children. Always wash your hands after cleaning up after your dog.