Petface Pink Dots Cat Collar


PETFACE Cat Collar Pink Dots

Petface Cat Collars come with a safety clip and bell. Cats are naturally adventurous and this collar has been designed with their safety in mind; it will snap open if it becomes snagged, allowing your cat to free itself.

Key Benefits

Includes safety clip and bell.


Fitting Guide: When fitted, you should be able to insert two fingers between the collar and your cat's neck thus ensuring a comfortable fit. III fitting collars can cause hair loss and skin redness, so check under the collar on a regular basis.

Size Guide

Adjustabilities: 13-16 cm
Width: 1cm


Durable nylon collar with plastic safety clip and bell.

Care & Use

Warning: Liquid flea treatments may react with the collar material and buckle. Remove the collar when treating your cat.