Petface Planet Compostable Poo Bags Refill Pack

Dispose of Dog mess quickly and easily with these unscented  compostable poo bags. 

Key Benefits

- EN13432 certified for compost-ability
- 3 Pack refill
- 20 Bags per roll
- Compostable
- Made from vegetable based materials
- Bag size approx: 22 x 30cm                                                                  

Recommended for

Dog owners who are keen on helping the planet


Scoop up waste, deposit in a poo bag, tie up bag 
Dispose of used bags responsibly in a designated waste bin
Please make sure you wash your hands properly afterwards to kill any germs

Size Guide

L6 x W3.5 x D3.5cm


PBAT ,PLA ,cornstarch

Safety Advice

To avoid suffocation or chocking keep these bags away from young children and animals. Do not flush down the toilet. Not suitable for use with food.