Petsafe Staywell Magnetically Operated 932 Cat Flap White

RRP: £31.99

You save: £8.35 (26%)


Staywell Magnetic 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap works with the use of a magnet. When your cat¿s magnetic collar tag comes into contact with the flap, it releases the door and your cat can come and go freely. There is one collar tag included with each unit. Should you wish there is an option to program the flap to enable your cat to come in only, go out only, travel in either direction or it can be locked. This can be very useful for deterring neighbourhood cats.

Size Guide

Overall Size: 22.4x22.4cm 
Cut Out Size: 16.9 x 16.9cm 
Glass Cut Out: 21cm diameter circle
Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 
Maximum Pet Weight: 7kg ¿ cats