Pettex Clean Paws Clumping Cat Litter

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A high quality, 100% natural, super clumping micro granule cat litter. Longer lasting than most litters.

Pettex Clean Paws comes from the world's only natural source of Sodium Bentonite. As well as being more economical to use due to easier waste separation, it is also environmentally friendly as with all Pettex Cat Litters. A dust-free litter, Clean Paws is also suitable for cats with dust allergies too! It will control odours effectively and last up to 4 times longer than regular litters.

Key Benefits

Stops unpleasant odours
Easy separation of soiled litter
Lasts 4 times longer than regular litter
Requires less litter box changing

Recommended for

Suitable for all breeds of adult cats at any age, however we do not recommend this product for kittens.


Top up the litter as required rather than emptying the whole tray. Only completely empty the whole tray every few weeks and thoroughly clean with a suitable disinfectant. Check your local waste regulations before disposal.


Sodium bentonite