Pettex Pampuss Wood Base Non-Clumping Cat Litter 15l

£6.45 43p per litre
Lightweight, absorbent cat litter with a pine fresh scent. Pettex Pampuss is made up of Woodflour pellets which are highly absorbent. These bags are lighter to handle than most other cat litters and very easy to dispose of. Woodflour is 100% biodegradable and comes with a pine fresh fragrance to keep your home pleasant.

Key Benefits

Natural wood product
Highly absorbent
Hygienic & safe
No trees were felled to make this product - 100% timber!
100% biodegradable
Fresh pine fragrance
Controls odour

Product Information

Environmentally Friendly: Pampuss is produced only from reclaimed timber so no new trees or de-forestation is involved in the making of this product.

Super Absorbent: Produced from fine ground wood rather than sawdust which makes Pampuss even more absorbent than most wood based cat litters. Creating a cleaner pellet means less dust to cling to your cat's paws and longer lasting litter.

Hygienic: Minimises bacteria and makes the disposal of soiled litter clean and easy.

Controls Odour: Pampuss is quick to absorb and control odour with the added benefit of a natural pine aroma.

Economical: Superior absorbency means Pampuss can last longer reducing tray cleaning.

Alternative Uses: Ideal for use with rabbits or small animals, certain reptiles and as an aviary floor dressing.


Directions for use:

1. Cover the bottom of your cat's tray with approximately 2-5 cm of Pampuss pellets.
2. Use a cat litter scoop to remove soiled pellets everyday and replace with fresh pellets as necessary. Completely change contents and wash out tray using a mild detergent on a regular basis.
3. Dispose of soiled pellets in a sealed bag along with appropriate household waste (check your local regulations first). Alternatively, Pampuss is biodegradable and can be burnt or composted.

If you are switching from another type of litter, simply sprinkle a little of your usual litter over the surface to allow your cat to adjust to the change.

Size Guide

Volume: 15 litres


It is recommended that pregnant mothers and mothers with small children always use rubber gloves when handling litter trays, and wash hands thoroughly afterwards.