Pure Aquarium Bomb


A special gel ball filled with millions of beneficial bacteria and enzymes that slowly dissolves to help establish new filters and solve potentially life-threatening water quality issues in new or existing aquariums.

Key Benefits

  • A single dose treatment of live nitrifying bacteria designed for cycling new aquariums, making them ready for fish. 
  • Helps to prevent and control New Tank Syndrome, when life threatening levels of ammonia and nitrite are detected. 
  • Rapidly combats water quality emergencies in both new and established freshwater aquariums. 
  • Matures new filters rapidly, repairs bacteria colonies and helps to breakdown organic waste to boost water clarity. 
  • Safe and simply to use - single dose for aquariums with filters up to 200L.

Product Information

The Pure Aquarium Bomb is an easy, safe and effective way to improve water quality in all freshwater aquariums. The millions of beneficial bacteria in the clear ball quickly help establish new filters with the nitrifying bacteria required to break down harmful ammonia and nitrite.

Additionally, in established aquariums the bomb combats water quality emergencies, for example when the existing filter colony has been damaged by being washed in tap water or after using medication or a power cut, and finally as a boost when introducing new fish. A single dose ball for aquariums up to 200 litres.

Recommended for

All freshwater aquariums with filters, up to 200L.


For best results drop the entire contents of this tub into your aquarium or filter. The Pure Aquarium Bomb may break up in transit, this will not affect its performance.You cannot overdose, but ensure your aquarium uses a filter and has adequate surface water movement/aeration.

Dosage Guide

Place the whole contents in the aquarium or filter. Use once, as required, ensure the aquarium has good aeration.


Polymer gel with bacteria and enzymes.

Safety Advice

Wash hands after use. Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children. If swallowed drink plenty of water.

Storage Information

Store at room temperature.