Resploot Recycled Black Footed Ferret Dog Toy

A sustainable dog toy that has been produced entirely from recycled bottles that have come from or would have been destined for the ocean. 

Key Benefits

Helps to reduce ocean plastic waste (waste from the ocean or destined for the ocean)
Encourages a sustainable way of living
Inspired by endangered species across the world

Product Information

Inspired by endangered species across the world. The rarest of the North America mammals, this endangered animal feeds exclusively on prairie dogs and burrows for shelter. Due to massive hunting against their normal food diet, it has caused the ferret numbers to decline.

Recommended for

Dogs who love to play while helping to build a more sustainable future for endangered species around the world by reducing the waste that is in the ocean

Size Guide

Dimensions: 28cm x 12 x 3cm (WxDxH)


Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles

Safety Advice

All tags and packaging are recycled