Rosewood Fruit 'n' Fennel Millet Crunch


Fruit 'n' Fennel Millet Crunch is three tasty sprays of millet, each dipped in a crunchy biscuit layer and then smothered in either banana, raspberry or fennel seeds.

Key Benefits

A unique treat for most pet birds. Birds have to spend time working for their treat, which will help to keep them stimulated to prevent boredom.

Product Information

Hang in you pet's cage or aviary to give them a tasty and boredom busting treat. Made with natural flavours your bird will adore.

Recommended for

Ideal for all seed-eating birds, including finches, canaries, budgies and other larger parrots and parakeets.


Foxtail millet (67.7%), wheat flour, fennel (3.4%), banana (2.8%), raspberry (1.75%), eggs, sugar beet molasses.

Storage Information

Keep cool and dry.