Rosewood Naturals Autumn Harvest 150g

£3.57 £2.38 per 100g
Naturals treats are always made from 100% natural ingredients. Many are unique and carefully designed to be healthier your pets, offering them a real feeding challenge, stimulating them and brightening their day!

Key Benefits

A blend of 14 different, 100% natural ingredients
Sprinkle a spoonful on their pellets or mix into their hay
Supports tooth abrasion and healthy digestion 
Great for all small animals including chinchillas and degus.

Product Information

We've taken nature's riches from the field and hedgerow and created a delicious mix of goodness for your pet. Add a little bowlful, sprinkle on their main food or mix into hay to make their day. Suitable for all Small Animals 

Recommended for

Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats, Mice and Degus. 


Carrot (18%), blackberry leaves (13%), fennel (12%), apple (8%), pumpkin (8%), wheat ears (8%), maize herb (8%), Jerusalem artichoke herb (5%), celery (5%), pumpkin seeds (4%), beetroot (3%), celeriac (3%), flaked maize (3%), hibiscus petals (2%) (all as dried ingredients).


Protein 11.8%, crude fat 3.8%, crude fibre 11.4%, crude ash 7%, sodium 0.135%.

Feeding Guide

Complementary pet food. 
As with all treats offer sparingly to Chinchillas and Degus.