Rosewood Naturals Rollin' Rodent Sand Bath

Our Naturals are always made from 100% natural ingredients. Many are unique and carefully designed and brightening their day!

Key Benefits

A complete bathing box, made from edible board coated in meadow hay, with 350g of special sepiolite bathing sand Sepiolite sand is rounder and softer, so is gentle on the pet's fur.
Pet's love to roll in the sand which helps to clean fur and absorb excess oils. 
Hay coated "bath" is fun to nibble. 

Product Information

Smaller rodents will love to "wash away " the day's stresses with a roll around in our cooling sand bath. The bathing box is made from edible board coated in meadow hay and will contain the special sepiolite bathing sand, which is softer and kinder to your pet's fur and helps to absorb excess oils. Great for Degus, Gerbils, Syrian and Dwarf Hamsters.

Recommended for

Ideal for Degus, Gerbils,  Dwarf and Syrian Hamsters.


Pour Approximatley 1/3 of the packet of sand into a jug and give it a shake up. For best results do this outside to disperse any excess dust.
Then Gently pour the sand into the bathing box and place in to your pet's home. We suggest doing this a couple of times a week, for about 10-15 minutes. 
Removed any soiled sand each time and replace the sand every other week.
As most pets will also enjoy gnawing the hay bath, simply replace the whole bath every 6 weeks or as required.

Size Guide

19.5 x 12 x 8 


Made from edible board coated in meadow hay,  with 350g of special sepiolite bathing sand.

Safety Advice

Do not leave the sand bath in your pet's home for extended periods of time. 
Always accompany your pet when the product is in use.

Storage Information

Always store the bath and the sand in a cool, dry place.