For over fifty years, we have focused on tailored recipes to suit the specific nutritional needs of cats and dogs. Striving to deliver good health through nutrition is what drives us and our obsession with detail is what makes it possible for us to deliver precise, effective nutrition, helping cats and dogs thrive. To find out more about ROYAL CANIN®, visit

Health is our obsession

ROYAL CANIN® was founded by Veterinarian, Jean Cathery, in 1968. He realised that patients’ health improved when he adjusted their diets and the concept of ‘health through nutrition’ was born. All recipes are precisely formulated to provide tailored nutrition to support the health of cats and dogs. From launching a food specifically for large breed dogs - 17 years before any other company - to recognising the varying health sensitivities of different breeds of cat and dogs; ROYAL CANIN® has used science and observation to pioneer health through nutrition for over fifty years.

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