Sanicat Active White Lotus Flower Cat Litter 10l

£11.65 £1.17 per litre
Natural white ultra clumping cat litter with a lotus flower scent.

Key Benefits

Ultra clumping performance
Active oxygen controls bad odours
Clean white appreance
No dust
Added Lotus Flower scent for freshness

Product Information

White and efficient clumps, easy to scoop. 
With Active Oxygen for a maximum hygiene. 
Neutralises unpleasant odours efficiently to provid long-lasting results. 
No dust, no staining and soft on your cat’s paws
Lotus flower scent provides ongoing freshness

Recommended for

Cats and Kittens


1. Provide a litter tray large enough for your cat use comfortably.
2. Pour in Sanicat Cat Litter to a depth of 2-3cm.
3. Inspect the tray daily and using a scoop remove solids as necessary, dispose of with the appropriate household waste.
4. Occasionally shake the tray to bring fresh granules to the surface.
5. At regular intervals the tray should be emptied completely and washed out with a mild detergent. Dry the tray thoroughly before filling with fresh Sanicat Cat Litter.

Safety Advice

As with all Cat Litters, it is recommended that disposable or rubber gloves are worn whilst handling soiled litter. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid contact with soiled litter.