Sanicat Hygiene Cat Litter 10l

£5.45 55p per litre
Good Bye Unpleasant Odours
Special porous grains
Neutralized bad odours and controls bacteria.

Extremely light. Easy to transport and handle.

Economical to use.

Key Benefits

Exclusive pet love, Lightweight, Multi cat, Calcium silicate, Odour control, Stop bacteria, Ultra absorbent and light


1. Cover the tray with a 3 cm layer of mineral.
2. For each application to last longer, we recommend removing any solid excrement from the tray on a daily basis.
3. Empty the tray and refill every 7 days or when saturated.
4. Wash the tray in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly before use.
5. Do not dispose of used product down the toilet.

Safety Advice

We recommend pregnant women avoid contact with cat faeces.
Contains no substances of a harmful nature to animals or humans.
Does not stick to paws.
Dispose the product in accordance with local waste disposal regulations.
Wash your hands afterwards.