Scrumbles Kitten and Queens Dry Cat Food Chicken 750g

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Complete Balanced Food for Kittens

When it comes to yummy good food, we think what stays out is just as important as what goes in. That's why you'll find no nasties like artificial flavours, colours or preservatives in our food. To help stay healthy and happy, we skip the added sugar and salt and focus on the good stuff like freshly prepared chicken.
We avoid common allergens like gluten, eggs and dairy and add probiotics as a helping hand in maintaining a healthy digestive system.
Our simple yet delicious recipes pack so much goodness in every bite, you may find you don't need to feed as much as other brands; saving you money and creating less waste (smaller poops) win win!

The good stuff
Protein - Packed with delicious, freshly prepared chicken that tastes great and is easy to digest
Rice - Believed to be gentle on tummies and a great source of energy
Essential Fatty Acids - From chicken & salmon for healthy skin & glossy coats
Cranberries - Believed to support a healthy urinary tract
Alfalfa & Carrots - A nutritious source of fibre
Probiotics - Added probiotics to help support a healthy digestive system
Added Vitamins & Minerals - Extra goodies to ensure every meal is balanced and complete

Key Benefits

77% chicken
Proudly British
DHA for bright kittens
Naturally hypoallergenic
Added probiotics
No added nasties
Gluten free

Product Information

Good food shouldn't cost the earth!
I mean what's the point! If we eat well at the expense of our precious planet, we won't be here for long. We take care to tread lightly with conscious decisions like manufacturing locally and choosing eco packaging.

Beyond the bowl
We're committed to helping those who need us most and work closely with animal charities donating food and funds.
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77% Chicken (50% Freshly Prepared Chicken, 25% Dried Chicken, 2% Chicken Liver), Rice (19%), Salmon Oil (1.5%), Alfalfa, Minerals, Vitamins, Dried Cranberry (0.5%), Dried Carrot, FOS (2721mg/kg)


Typical ValuesAnalytical Constituents
Crude Protein35%
Crude Oils & Fat21%
Crude Fibre2%
Crude Ash8.2%
Omega 63%
Omega 31.1%
Nutritional Additiveskg
E672/Vitamin A18,900 IU
E671/Vitamin D31,315 IU
Trace Elements:
Amino Acid:
Gut Flora Stabilisers:
4b1705/Enterococcus faecium 104151,000,000,000 cfu


Every kitten is different, but the Feeding Guide is based on age and typical activity levels. Fresh water should be available at all times.

Feeling plump?
If overweight, reduce the daily serving until the desired weight is met. Once achieved, feed the appropriate amount to sustain this weight.
Brunch, Tea, or Supper?
We recommend splitting the daily amount into 3-4 equal meals.
New to this recipe?
We suggest a gradual change over 7-10 days.
Like to snack?
This complete meal is all your cat needs. If you like to give treats, please feed a little bit less.

Feeding Guide

Dozer Indoor Kittens:

per Day
<2 Months25g
2-3 Months40g
3-4 Months65g
4-6 Months75g
6-10 Months90g
10-12 Months120g

Adventurer Active Kittens:

per Day
<2 Months45g
2-3 Months65g
3-4 Months75g
4-6 Months90g
6-10 Months120g
10-12 Months125g