Seraquin 800mg Tablets for Cats and Small Dogs 60 per pack

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Seraquin Tablets for cats and Small Dogs. A nutritional supplement to help support and maintain normal joint function in Cats and the smaller dog. Whilst both glucosamine and chondroitin need no introduction as to their beneficial effects, cats are often not thought of as benefiting from their properties.


Each Seraquin for Cat and small dog chewable tablet contains: Inactivated yeast, glucosamine HCI 125mg, chondroitin sulphate 95mg, hydrolysed chicken protein, maize starch, saccharose, standardised turmeric extract 13mg, maize protein.


Use daily to help improve comfort and to help increase the mobility of your cat suffering from stiffness and arthritis. 

7.5 Kg : 4 tablets daily, 10 Kg : use Seraquin for dogs. Reduce the dose after 4-6 weeks as you see the beneficial effects. (MS Seroquin Serquin Serequin)