Simple Solution Puppy Training Pad Holder


The Simple Solution Puppy Training Pad Holder is designed for use with the Simple Solution Puppy Training Pads to keep the pad securely in place and make training easier. Folds out for use and folds in for storage; locks into place with slide grips and locks in place with corner grips.

Key Benefits

- Helps prevent tearing or pad shredding
- Provides a secure anchor to keep pads in place
- Rubber pads to prevent the holder from slipping around
- Fits any pad 53 x 53 cm (21 x 21 in) or larger
- Folds for easy storage

Recommended for

Puppy training. Also suitable for adult and senior dogs.

Training your pet

1. Place pad on the holder plastic side down and tissue side up, and lock into place.
2. Introduce your dog to the pad, allowing them to smell the special attractant.
3. If your dog doesn't relieve itself immediately, take your pet back several times until it is successful.
4. When your pet relieves itself on the pad, reward with a treat and enthusiastic praise. Replace as needed.

Indoor to Outdoor Transitioning:

5. Over time, move the pad closer to the door and eventually outside.
6. Once outside, remove the pads from the holder and fold pads to reduce their size over time. Eventually, your pet won't need a pad to find the spot.
7. To help find the area once the pad has been removed, use Simple Solution Puppy Aid Training Spray.
8. Keep pads around for overnight accidents, extended time alone, travel or general use.

Size Guide

Approximate Dimensions: 16 x 53 x 6cm