Skinners Field & Trial Puppy Lamb & Rice Dry Dog Food

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Skinners Field and Trial Puppy Lamb & Rice is nutritionally balanced hypoallergenic lower protein puppy food made with easily digestible British Lamb ensuring steady growth is controlled which is particularly important for medium and large breeds of dog.

Key Benefits

  • No animal, cereal or vegetable derivatives
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Made in Suffolk
  • A lower protein level
  • Wheat-gluten free
  • British lamb meat meal as the single meat protein source
  • Easily digestible for your puppy’s delicate stomach

Product Information

Specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies during their first and most crucial stages of development and gives your puppy all the proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and oils which are essential for steady growth.

Recommended for

Puppies of all breeds from weaning.


Whole rice (38%), lamb meat meal (19%), oats, sunflower oil, pea protein, linseed, whole peas, brewer’s yeast, beet pulp, sunflower expellers, whole dried egg, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, culinary herb mix known for their beneficial properties (seaweed, alfalfa, thyme, fennel, basil, parsley, peppermint, garlic, paprika, rosemary, sage, aniseed, fenugreek and yucca), MOS, FOS.


Crude Protein 24%, Crude Oils and Fats 12%, Crude Fibres 3.5%, Crude Ash 8%. Nutritional additives per kg: Vitamin A 13,000 iu, Vitamin D3 1,925 iu, Vitamin E (as alpha-tocopherol acetate) 310 iu. Trace Elements per kg: Iron (as ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 40mg, Iodine (as calcium iodate anhydrous) 1.5mg, Copper (as cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 5mg, Manganese (as manganous oxide) 25mg, Zinc (as zinc oxide) 100mg (as zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate) 30mg, Selenium (as sodium selenite) 0.1mg. Contains tocopherol rich extracts of natural origin (Vitamin E) as EC permitted antioxidant.


If feeding for the first time, gradually introduce to your dog over 3 days.

Feeding Guide

Recommended daily feeding guide (grams) based on the dog's age and weight (kilograms).

                      3-11wk               3-4mo              5-6mo               7-9mo

    1-3kg        80g-185g         85g-175g          70g-135g         60g-110g

    3-5kg      185g-225g       175g-220g        135g-170g       110g-130g

  5-10kg      225g-430g       220g-410g        170g-280g       130g-220g

10-15kg      430g-545g       410g-525g        280g-375g       220g-300g

15-20kg      545g-680g       525g-630g        375g-450g       300g-350g

20-25kg             -                630g-730g        450g-580g       350g-400g

25-35kg             -                730g-900g        580g-690g       400g-450g

35-45kg             -                       -                 690g-800g       450g-520g

Please note that this is only a guide and requirements will vary from dog to dog due to a number of contributing factors. Please contact a specialist for further advise if unsure.

Storage Information

Store in a cool dry place.