Smart Eco Bags Biodegradable Dog Poo Bags

Pack of 80 biodegradable and scented poo bags. Refills the Smart Eco Bag Dispenser (sold separately). Designed for use at home, vet practices, groomers, training clubs, kennels or parks.

Key Benefits

- Biodegradable

- Large and strong

- Long tie handles

- Perfect to use with the HandiScoop Dog Poop Scoop

Product Information

Great quality, large poo bags that are both biodegradable and scented. With long tie handles they, are easy to tie and hold well away from your hands. Always wash your hands after cleaning up after your dog.

Recommended for

All dog owners

Size Guide

Large Bags 11 x 5 x 25 cm

Safety Advice

WARNING: To avoid risk of suffocation, keep bags away from pets and children.