Sniffe & Likkit Fur Coat 3-in-1 Brightening & Conditioning Dog Shampoo MINI 50ml

Fabulous, fragrant and gently foaming, this beautifur dog wash has been specially formulated with mild cleansing agents and a powerhouse blend of natural, bark friendly ingredients including quillaja soap bark and white willow bark extracts. Bonus built in brightening boosters and cationic conditioning agents help keep your dogs fur coat in tip top canine condition. This 3-in-1 multitasking formula saves time cleansing brightening and conditioning all in one, whilst the aromatic essential oils help to calm and soothe, whilst you groom.

Key Benefits

- Optical enhancers to brighten fur
- pH balanced for dogs
- Vegan Friendly 
- SLS/SLES Free 
- 91% natural

Product Information

Infused with our signature Woodland Wonderfur™ 100% natural scent blended with five aroma-therapeutic essential oils renowned for their calming & soothing properties 
- Petitgrain, cedarwood bark, vetiver, juniper berry & ho leaf
- Quilaja bark soap – natural gentle cleansing agent from Chilean soap bark
- White willow bark extract- renowned for its antibacterial properties
- Wiff patrol-  natural odour neutraliser (made from fermented mushrooms) helps waft away woofy whiffs!
- Shea butter extract for moisture


Mild & gentle, this low-suds wash is suitable for any dog over 4 months old. Rinse from neck to tail, then squeeze a large dollop onto hands and massage gently into fur avoiding the eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Finish with a quick spritz of our Give A Dog Cologne for a final preen and gleam. Woofing marvellous!