Sniffe & Likkit Give A Dog Cologne Fragrant Fur Coat Conditioning Mist MINI 50ml

£7.00 £14.00 per 100ml
Fabulously fragrant, this fine fragrance inspired perfume mist has been specially formulated with a wonder-fur blend of  natural aroma-therapeutic essential oils, fur conditioning agents and botanicals ingredients to refresh fur fast. 

Key Benefits

- Alcohol Free
- 96% natural 
- pH balanced for dogs
- Vegan Friendly 
- Paraben Free

Product Information

Our signature Woodland Wonderfur™ 100% natural scent blends  five aroma-therapeutic essential oils renowned for their calming & soothing properties 
- Petitgrain, cedarwood bark, vetiver, juniper berry & ho leaf
- Multi-vitamin complex to help promote healthy skin and hair
- Quilaja bark soap – natural gentle cleansing agent from Chilean soap bark
- White willow bark extract- renowned for its antibacterial properties
- Zea mays: silky smooth fur conditioner made from natural corn starch
- Wiff patrol natural deodorising technology (made from fermented mushroom extract) to waft away woofy wiffs!


Perfect for an on-the-go spruce-up. Shake bottle before use then spray lightly onto a dry coat and brush through. Use as a finishing spray for silky smooth bright fresh fragrant fur. Grooming marvellous.