Sniffe & Likkit 'Glove My Dog' Cleaning Glove

Made from a special natural bamboo fibre using patented technology Tamboocel™

Our environmentally friendly super soft towels are highly absorbent and fast drying…. perfect for soggy doggies!

Key Benefits

- Luxury, silky soft light weight texture
- Soft & comfortable to touch: no squeaks!
- Perfect fabric for allergies and sensitive skin conditions
- Super absorbent- up to 40% more than cotton & breathable
- Hypo-allergenic & antibacterial - resistant to odour, mould & mildew
- One size stretches to suit most dogs

Product Information

Unlike many traditional fabrics, bamboo has an ultra-fine microporous structure that gives it superior benefits over cotton, which can harbour malodours (and takes ages to dry)

We mixed bamboo fibres (80%) with polyester (20%) to add strength, stretch and durability to the natural bamboo - allowing more use over its lifetime and therefore less waste in the environment

Don’t bleach, dry clean, tumble dry or iron.