SureFlap Microchip Pet Door Connect

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Stay connected and give your pet freedom and security with a Microchip Pet Door Connect, designed for large cats and small dogs.

Sureflap Hub required - sold separately - please click here.

Key Benefits

  • • Lock or unlock the pet door remotely from the Sure Petcare app, even when you’re not at home
  • • Check if your pet is at home, and keep track of long-term activity to spot changes in behaviour
  • • Stay up to date and receive a notification when your pet goes in or out via the pet door
  • • Reads your pet's existing microchip and prevents intruder animals entering your home
  • • Set the door to lock and unlock at specified times using the curfew mode, which can be updated any time using the Sure Petcare app
  • • Share app access with friends and manage their permissions
  • • Connect with the Hub (sold separately) which links the Pet Door Connect to the Sure Petcare app
  • • Designed for large cats and small dogs
  • • Battery powered with up to 6 months battery life (4 x C cell batteries not included)
  • • Works as a standard Microchip Pet Door if the Hub is not connected

Product Information

Designed for large cats and small dogs, the Microchip Pet Door Connect, combined with the Hub and app allows you to stay connected to your pet even while you are away from home. Keep an eye on your pet while you’re out of the house, lock the door remotely, set curfew times and monitor their behaviour over time.

Recommended for

Cat and small dog owners who want to keep out unwanted animals and stay connected to their pet while they're away from home.


Size Guide

Pet max. shoulder width: 17cm
Flap dimensions: H178 x W170 mm
Installation dimensions: H207 x W234 mm