SurePet Connect Hub


Works with SureFlap Connect products. Acts as the link between your internet router and your connected product.

Key Benefits

- Connects to the internet via an Ethernet cable and monitors the activity of your Pet Door wirelessly
- Control up to 10 SureFlap Connect devices from one Hub
- Only SureFlap Connect products can be connected to a Hub. Cannot be used with standard SureFlap products
- Supplied with an Ethernet Cable and power supply
- The free Sure Petcare app is available for iOS and Android, or can be accessed via a web browser (see details in the manual)

Product Information

Control your SureFlap Connect product via the Sure Petcare App, monitor your pets' activity and stay connected to them wherever you are. Required for SureFlap Connect products, one Hub can be used with up 10 devices. Supplied with a power supply and Ethernet cable.

Recommended for

For use with SureFlap Connect products.


Size Guide

Hub Dimensions: 87 x 87 x 87 mm