Thundershirt Calming Anxiety Dog Coat

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ThunderShirt is a jacket that applies gentle pressure on your dog (like swaddling a baby) that has been proven to reduce anxiety, and have a calming effect on dogs in anxiety-provoking situations. More than 85% of dogs were less anxious when wearing ThunderShirt and it helps 3 out of 4 dogs to relieve their anxiety.

Key Benefits

-Trainer and Veterinary recommended

-A proven effective solution for dog anxiety

Product Information

  • Thundershirt is ideal for short term situations such as:
  • -Fireworks
  • -Thunder
  • -Home Alone
  • -Car Travel
  • -General Anxieties
  • It works even better alongside ADAPTIL. 

Recommended for

Thundershirt comes in a variety of sizes for all sizes of dog. Best results are seen when you slowly introduce the shirt to your dog and make sure they are comfortable wearing it


Tips & Tricks

No training required however we have some great tips for introducing Thundershirt to your dog!

Tip # 1 - Try ThunderShirt on your dog the first few times when they're feeling calm & loved.

Tip # 2 - Put ThunderShirt in your laundry basket so it starts to smell familiar.

Tip # 3 - Use ADAPTIL alongside ThunderShirt for ultimate support.

Tip # 4 - Put ThunderShirt in your dog's bed or crate and give them lots of snuggles.

Tip # 5 - During a calm period, try ThunderShirt on your dog for 1-2 hours, Engage with treats, play and more snuggles!

Tip # 6- Try taking a walk in the ThunderShirt. More treats and positive reinforcement

Size Guide

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