Tropiclean Dog & Cat Fresh Breath Mint Foam

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Regular use of Fresh Mint Foam keeps teeth and gums clean. Its natural formula helps freshen their breath. For best results, your pet should receive daily oral care to promote periodontal health and overall wellness.

Key Benefits

  • One pump sends a rush of fresh mint goodness, killing germs that cause bad breath in pets.
  • 100% solution to a problem that works.
  • Freshens breath without brushing.
  • Regular use helps keep teeth clean.
  • Easy and gentle foam application.
  • Instant fresh breath.
  • Kills germs.

Product Information

Tropiclean is the global brand leader in pet shampoos and dental products with veterinarian approval and clinical trials available to back up claims.

Recommended for

Dogs & Cats


All products are formed with 70% organic Ingredients and contain 100% naturally derived Ingredients, plus all packaging is made from 50% recycled material and is 100% recyclable!

Purified Water, Glycerin, Natural Mint, Baking Soda, Polysorbate 20, Corn Alcohol, Chlorophyllin, Green Tea Extract.


Expose your dog’s teeth and gums by gently pulling back their lips. Spray 1 squirt directly onto the teeth and gums on both sides of the mouth.