Virbac Epi-Otic Ear Cleaner 125ml

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EpiOtic is a pH neutral, antibacterial and anti-yeast ear cleaner for use in dogs and cats to help guard them against ear disease. It can be used for routine ear cleaning, to aid in the prevention of ear infections (Otitis externa) or as an addition to medicated ear treatment.

Because EpiOtic is pH neutral it is gentle on the skin1. It also has antibacterial and anti-yeast properties with studies showing EpiOtic to be effective against the key bacteria and yeasts2 that commonly infect the ear canal. 

In addition, EpiOtic is unique in having anti-adhesive glycotechnology, which are sugars that help to prevent bacteria from sticking to the skin cells in the ear canal. When bacteria cannot attach to the skin they are unable to cause infection.

Product Information

When to use EpiOtic:

With medicated treatment: EpiOtic is ideal for use in combination with most treatments for an ear infection*. In this case, EpiOtic should be used - 1 hour before treatment, as this ensures the ear canal is clear from wax and pus and that the ear treatment will not be diluted by the ear cleaner. 

For prevention: EpiOtic can be used routinely to help reduce the recurrence of ear infections and to maintain a healthy clean ear. The recommendation is to use EpiOtic twice a week for regular maintenance of the ear. 

What are the signs of an ear infection (Otitis externa)**:

  • Head shaking 
  • Scratching 
  • Redness or swelling of the skin in the ear 
  • Pain around the ears 
  • Unpleasant odour
  • Discharge
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Other dogs licking at your dog¿s ears 

* Please consult your vet before using with any medication you may have been prescribed. 

** Should your pet show any of these symptoms, please contact your veterinary surgeon before using any cleaners or treatments in the ear. 

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