Virbac Sebocalm Spherulites Emollient Shampoo for Dogs & Cats 250ml


A hypo-allergenic, soap free, lemon scented, emollient shampoo designed for frequent use to control and relieve itching, moisturise dry and normal skin, and help maintain optimum skin condition in both dogs and cats.

The active ingredients are in the form of Spherulites, which provide long release, after the shampoo has been rinsed off.

May be used for routine shampooing of dogs and cats.

Recommended for

Dogs & Cats


Urea, Glycerine.
PH 7


Shake well before use. Wet the coat with warm water and apply sufficient Sebocalm to create a rich lather. Massage into the coat with circular movements and leave for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use once weekly or as directed.