Wahl Diamond White Dog Shampoo 250ml

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£3.77 £1.51 per 100ml
Enhancing shampoo for brighter, whiter coats.

Key Benefits

Excellent for removing dirt and grease stains, it will ensure a silky, vibrant finish to your animal's coat every time.

Formula includes extracts of cucumber, passion flower, lemon and lime.

Natural enhancers revitalise and refresh the natural light pigmentation in the hair.

Product Information

Diamond White Shampoo is a ready to use natural based shampoo designed to enhance white and light coats. Excellent for removing dirt and stains, it will ensure, a healthy finish to your animal’s coat every time.

Recommended for

Diamond White is suitable for use with all animal hair types.


Use a small amount and massage into the coat, then rinse well with clean water.

Safety Advice

Avoid use around eyes and sensitive areas.

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from heat sources and sunlight.