Wahl E-Z Pet Nail Clipper & File


All-in-one nail clipper and battery operated rotary nail file.

Key Benefits

  • Adjustable guard to limit the amount of claw that may be clipped.
  • High speed rotary nail file to shape the claw and removed sharp edges.
  • Soft touch, rubberised grip handles and ergonomic design ensure comfort and ease of use.

Product Information

All in one pet claw clipper and file - the safe and easy way to maintain your pet's nails. Use the clipper to remove length and the integrated file to shape and smooth claws to prevent scratching and snagging.

Recommended for

Ideal for trimming, shaping and smoothing rough nails for large and small pets.

Size Guide

L19 x W8 x D4cm

Storage Information

Store in original packaging, suitable bag or hardcase