Wahl Easy Groom Detangler Spray for Dogs & Cats 500ml

£9.12 £1.82 per 100ml

Professional strength de-matting spray.

Key Benefits

  • Leaves hair tangle free without pulling
  • Leave in conditioner with no sticky residue
  • Designed for professionals for a high performance result
  • Based on natural ingredients and contains hair healthy vitamins

Product Information

The humane way to brush and comb out any pet without pulling the hair. This pleasant scented leave-in conditioner is suitable for use on manes, tails and coats of all lengths.

Recommended for

Suitable for use on all types on animals including dogs, cats and horses

Size Guide


Safety Advice

Avoid use around eyes and sensitive areas.

Storage Information

Store in a cool, dry place, protected from heat sources and sunlight.