Whiskas Kitten Complete Dry Cat Food Biscuits Chicken 2kg 2kg

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Our delicious Whiskas 2-12 months complete dry kitten food is specially formulated with all the nutrients your kitten needs for healthy development. This dry kitten food contains tasty filled pockets with milk that your kitten will enjoy and can easily bite. Whiskas delicious cat food meals and cat treats are formulated for your cat's diet. These 100% Complete and Balanced dry cat biscuits are specially formulated with all the nutrients your kitten needs. 2kg Whiskas Chicken extra small kibbles that are perfect for your kitten

Key Benefits

Whiskas 2-12 months dry kitten food provides complete nutrition for the balanced diet your kitten needs to grow up into a healthy cat, With increased Vitamin E and Taurine to help to support their natural defences, This pet food contains easily digestible chicken & rice to help support your kitten's digestive tract, The dry cat food biscuits contain calcium to support the development of healthy bones and teeth, These extra small cat kibbles can be easily eaten by your kitten

Product Information

Did you know that young kittens grow fifteen times faster than human babies? That's why it's so important that they are given food which has been specifically tailored to meet their unique needs and tastes. Whiskas® Kitten food has been carefully prepared to give your kitten a tasty meal he'll love with all the essential nutrients he needs to grow big and strong.

Recommended for

Growing kittens from 2-12 months, and pregnant or lactating queens


Meat and Animal Derivatives (40%, including 4% Chicken in the Brown Kibbles*), Cereals, Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Minerals, Milk and Milk Derivatives (including 0.7% Skimmed Milk Powder in the Filled Kibble, equivalent to 4% Skimmed Milk*), Vegetables (including 0.5% Dried Carrots (equivalent to 4% Carrots), in the Orange Kibbles and 1% Dried Peas (equivalent to 4% Peas) in the Green Kibbles*), *Brown Kibble typically 69% of product, Filled Kibble typically 15% of product, Orange Kibble and Green Kibble both typically 8% of product each


Typical ValuesAnalytical constituents (%):
Fat content:14.0
Inorganic matter:7.6
Crude fibre:2.1
Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A:5321 IU
Vitamin D3:587 IU
Vitamin E:574 mg
Taurine:4042 mg
Copper (Copper(II) sulphate pentahydrate):7.0 mg
Iodine (Potassium iodide):1.8 mg
Manganese (Manganous sulphate, monohydrate):8.8 mg
Selenium (Sodium selenite):0.06 mg
Zinc (Zinc sulphate, monohydrate):24.8 mg


24h Daily Feeding Recommendation
Dry Food Only: ≤3 months 55 g, 4 - 5 months 65 g, 6 - 12 months 70 g
Dry Food + Pouch*: ≤3 months 15 g + 1 1/2, 4 - 5 months 25 g + 1 1/2, 6 - 12 months 20 g + 2
We recommend feeding your pet a mix of complete WHISKAS® dry and wet food.

Feeding instructions: For weaning kittens soften dry food with water. From 12 months onwards, you can feed your cat adult food. Allow a transition phase, adjust amounts and divide it into meals according to your pet's needs. Visit our website or call our Consumer Careline for feeding information. Fresh water should always be available.

389 kcal / 100 g

Feeding Guide

Kitten AgeDry Grams
Dry Grams +
100g Pouches
per Day*
Weaning-3 Months35-60gUp to 30g + 14-5
4-5 Months70-75g15-20g + 23-4
6-10 Months75-80g20-25g + 22-4
10+ Months80g15-25g + 22-4

*Divide the daily amounts given under 'Dry Grams Only' or 'Dry Grams + 100g Pouches' by the meals per day.