World's Best Multiple Cat Lavender Scented Clumping Cat Litter 14lb

Smell the flowers, not the litter box, with this 100% natural, 99% dust-free cat litter. We took the outstanding odour control and quick clumping, easy scooping cleanup of our Multiple Cat Clumping Formula, and added 100% all-natural scented lavender oil for a fresh floral fragrance.

Key Benefits

Great lavender scent
Clumps fast, scoops easily
Long lasting and helps eliminate cat litter smell
100% natural
99% dust free

Product Information

No synthetic chemicals or perfumes. The concentrated power of corn means it's silica dust free, and proven flushable for easy cleanup. Ideal for homes with two or more cats.

Recommended for

All cats; ideal for homes with two or more pets.


Evenly cover the floor of a clean, dry cat litter tray with 5-7 cm of World's Best Cat Litter. For optimal performance, World's Best should not be mixed with other litters. Daily removal of clumps and residues ensures good hygiene.


Made from whole-kernel maize corn.